"If you could have designed a system yourself ....

you would have designed SpecVet"


SpecVet is the first practice management software designed to meet the specific needs of specialty & emergency veterinary hospitals.

Before SpecVet, many different types of software were designed for general practice clinics and pressed into use for specialty/ER hospitals. Specialty and ER hospitals (with their scores of clinicians, multiple departments, multiple referring veterinarians/clients & administrative needs) quickly found the variety of available general practice applications limiting and frustrating in a specialty clinic setting.

To get underdeveloped general practice software work for their needs, even to a limited extent, administrators of ER/specialty facilities would have to trick the software to perform duties not originally designed for, and even develop complex workarounds.  Accurate fee capturing and inventory management was an absolute nightmare. Users quickly discovered that interfaces were cumbersome and finding relevant information was more time consuming than it had to be.

The problem wasn’t that the software was all bad. The problem was that it was being used in the wrong clinical setting.

If your clinic has specialty and ER specific needs... you need SpecVet.