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Our Story

Increasingly frustrated with existing software for his ER/specialty practice, John Beltz, DVM, embarked on a mission to design a practice management information system to meet the unique needs of emergency and specialty veterinary hospitals. The result was SpecVet. SpecVet has proven itself to be a major player in ER/specialty clinics around the country for more than 10 years, gaining a reputation for its ease of use and comprehensive functionality. 

Our focus has always been on specialty and emergency veterinary practices. In some ways, practicing veterinary medicine is the same in both specialty & ER practices as well as in general practice.  We believe that is how most software vendors tend to think about it. However, once you start working with some of the more limited systems designed for day to day light use, you soon find that the workflows and the needs are so much more demanding in the ER/Specialty practice than when implicated to a General Practice setting.

Specialty and ER practices are just different than General Practices, and here's how...

  • Multiple medical departments
  • 24x7 operations with multiple locations
  • Larger staff
  • More complex communication requirements
  • Greater need for informatics, tracking and logging
  • Complex billing and compensation models


If you’re always looking for the "work around" to compensate
for shortcomings of your current software ... stop struggling and call SpecVet.

ER/Specialty veterinary medicine has been growing rapidly and has proven to be extremely dynamic over the past 15 years and this continues to be true. SpecVet has been just as dynamic, and grown rapidly with the ever changing field of Specialty Veterinary medicine. Ever since the original version of SpecVet, as practices grew or one of our client's practices changed or needed new features, we custom built it and incorporated the features for them.

Our newest version of SpecVet (SpecVet X) is a culmination of more than ten years of experience in understanding and adapting to the needs of information systems designed especially for specialty and emergency veterinary medicine. Our extensive experience along with input from more than 30 doctors and administrators, we’re proud to introduce our latest version of SpecVet; SpecVet X.

SpecVet has always been driven with the focus exclusively on the end user experience, primarily the clinical staff and hospital administration. That's why we use the tag line "if you could have built it yourself... you would have built SpecVet"

Our latest version of SpecVet was totally re-written from the ground up. This means that we didn't just randomly add features or functions, we thought about every single change and addition and how it would improve upon our last version. This version of SpecVet is even more powerful and intuitive than ever. If you’re constantly changing the way you work to compensate for the shortcomings of your current software, stop and call us today.

SpecVet mimics the clinical and administrative workflow of ER/specialty clinics. There is no other software on the market that can deliver the flexibility and power of SpecVet.