Technical Specifications


Technical Specifications

Number of Users:
SpecVet can support an unlimited number of workstations and users.  We do support and work well in a multi-location business model. 

SpecVet uses the print drivers on the OS of the computer.  We do not require special printers or print drivers.  Generally we recommend high quality network printers. 

Label Printers:
We require use of high-quality Zebra label printers that are networked to your LAN.  We do not support Dymo or other USB based label printers.

For our all of our standard label printing we use the G-Series label printers

For collar ID labels we use: HC100 Patient ID Solution

Fax/Email Server:
SpecVet utilized a cloud based email/fax server.  We set up an account on your behalf.  The cost of this service varies base on your fax volume but for mid sized hospitals it will typically cost $1500 per year.   The benefit is no additional hardware for you to purchase or support.  No additional phone lines or phone charges.  The overall cost of ownership and use of this cloud-based solution is lower than any in house solutions.

This service is not designed to be used for incoming faxes or emails, you will need other standard solutions.

For our DMS (document management solution) we only support a  Canon networkable scanner.  The benefits of this scanner are:

  • Networkable - can be located in one or many locations and does not tie up the use of a computer
  • Double sided scanning - with a single pass (no mechanical  duplexing) both sided of a document can be read
  • Feed Detection: can detect and report errors in paper feeding to ensure all documents are scanned and archived correctly

It is highly recommended that prior to any hardware purchases you coordinate these purchases with  SpecVet technical support to avoid any potential incompatibilities or issues.

All hardware recommendations are subject to change with out notice.

Hardware Requirements

SpecVet supports both the Macintosh and Windows platforms and is able to be run on most of your clinic’s hardware. Click the link below to see our current requirements for SpecVet XV.

System Requirements